Current Fellowship Calls

The following fellowship calls are currently running:

  1. Summer Fellowships 2021
    launch: Monday 1st February 2021 |
    closing: Saturday 15th May 2021
    FEBS Summer Fellowships are awarded to young promising students in a FEBS country wishing to gain practical scientific experience in an institution located in another country within the FEBS area.
  2. Short-Term Fellowships 2021
    launch: Tuesday 28th July 2020 |
    FEBS Short-Term Fellowships are for short-term visits (no longer than two or, in exceptional cases, three months), for the purpose of scientific collaboration, advanced training or employing techniques not available at the usual place of work.
  3. Collaborative Developmental Scholarships 2021
    launch: Tuesday 28th July 2020 |
    Collaborative Developmental Scholarships (CDS) are for the exclusive benefit of students engaged in research for a doctoral thesis in Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco, Serbia, Tunisia or Ukraine and who need to visit a well-funded laboratory elsewhere in Europe for the purpose of carrying out experimental procedures that would be impossible in their home country because of a lack of resources.
  4. FEBS Excellence Awards Fall 2021
    launch: Tuesday 1st June 2021 |
    closing: Wednesday 1st September 2021
    FEBS has designed the FEBS Excellence Awards to financially support early career scientists in countries where FEBS Constituent Societies are established. The Award must be used exclusively to purchase equipment and consumables related to the project. Salaries, stipendia and overheads cannot be paid for by the Award.
    These Awards are granted for three years.

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